Four Hundred and Fifty Three Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello. It is I, Kimmy dog. I am in the nap zone right now, sleeping next to mama on a blanket, which is also located on their cozy bed. Sometimes I just need to take a nap, that’s simply what most things boil down to. I think naps help ease a lot of issues that we all have. I like to sleep because I feel most relaxed when I snooze. I let my paws unfurl and I just take super deep breaths, and let the air rise, and fall from my chest. Sometimes I even wag my tail in my sleep. That’s when you know that I’m feeling really groovy and chill. I help herd both of you upstairs for the nap time. After that I look for my blanket on mama and daddy’s bed. I follow that up by jumping up, turning around a few times, and settling into a relaxed position. I usually fall asleep once both of you are snoozing, but some days I really hit a wall and just dive deep into dream land. It looks like you both found me in dream land! Let’s go play by the red slide in cloud dream land! Wheeeee, come on brothers, let’s run!



© 2019-2021 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Outside wet paws in late fall season.

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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