Four Hundred and Fifty One Paws

Dear Brothers,

Long long ago, there was just two four legged babies and one mama and one daddy. Like I said, this was long ago, and now here we are. We are now minus one beloved fur baby, but our hearts are full with both of you. I miss my sister, Bella the cat, but mama and daddy love on me and so do both of you. There is a little bit of me that longs for my window gazing pal though. Sometimes I hide in your bedroom IRB, and it’s to be close to Bella again. I like to curl up in the tight spaces that she used to sleep in and then I dream with her. She helps me remember to be strong, and patient with all of the humans. She was around when LDB was tiny, and then the rainbow called to her. That’s what mama said to me anyway. I looked out the window with her and we just sat for a while that last day. Mama found a picture of us when I was just a young pup of six months. She liked it so much that she wanted to share it with you guys. I like it too, because it reminds me that all things change, and that our memories make us feel warm fuzzy. But, what’s most important right now, is to be present here with each other. I love you both a lot, even when you whine and cry all morning long.



© 2019-2021 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Memory lane from 2016 days, just us girls, mama, Bella and me, Kimmy.

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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