Four Hundred and Twenty Nine Paws

Dear Kimmy (this is a flashback letter story),

Hi big sister doggy! Did you know that yesterday was the hottest recorded day in Oregon? It was 115 degrees in one day! Mama and I went to the library and a surprise ice cream parlor. I’ve gone and gotten ice cream at the beach with momma and daddy before, but not in our town! I was super excited and I hopped into the shop. I thought my ice cream was super delicious. Some of it dripped down my chin and onto my car seat and buckles. It was yummy, sweet, and sticky. We brought some ice cream to our mail delivery friend too. Mr. SJ looked like he was feeling extremely warm and we were concerned that he would feel ok so we found his truck and offered him some cool temp treats too. That made my heart feel happy to see him wave to me. You slept on the cool leather couch for the later afternoon and then on the bed underneath a fan and air conditioning. Momma says you have a pretty good life and I must agree.



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Dinosaurs in our midst.

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