Four Hundred and Twenty Two Paws

Dear LDB,

Hi oldest but younger brother. We’ve had a few early mornings together lately. I love your company, don’t get me wrong, but if the birds are not fully awake and chirping, it’s still time to get your sleep on. What do you think about that? I know that mama and daddy would appreciate the continued quiet, as would I. Although, I do enjoy cuddling up on the couch together. That’s one of my favorite morning time activities. Cuddle snoozes and warm toesies. Sometimes it can be so rainy that we all need to curl up and warm our toes together underneath the fuzzy blankets. You seem amenable to this most mornings. I think that you are most appreciative of a warm blanket and Kimmy dog when it is gray and rainy. There’s something about that weather that brings up the feeling or need rather to be close. I like it a lot, so I’ll take all those mornings that I can get. Speaking of which, I think I’ll dive into, “The Hundred Acre Wood,” friends show and enjoy your closeness now.



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Patient pup.

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