Four Hundred and Twenty One Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello! Happy tidings to you both. We had a lovely Kimmy walk yesterday. You were quite busy on your bicycle LDB. You’re really fascinated with how you can lift up the front tire with your handle bars and hold up the wheel. You enjoy sharing this skill with neighbor friends too. I’m not so crazy about the bicycle to begin with, but I know that it brings you happiness. I get worried when objects move past me really quickly. I like to know where all the humans and things are at one time, but alas, I understand that things change, especially with my small humans. Y’all grow and change super rapidly! Speaking of change, IRB, you’ve grown tremendously little one. I love how smiley and busy you are. I am still a favorite family member to visit on the floor. And, let’s be honest, I’m the only other one that’s one hundred percent on the floor with you, at all times. Ha! So there’s a Kimmy bonus for you!  I’m going to go check in on what dad is doing. He’s up with the sunshine and I today.



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