Four Hundred and Twenty Three Paws

Dear Brothers,

Happy official start of the day, the sun is barely out, but you’re up! I learn all kinds of fascinating information each day because I listen to the stories momma and daddy read to you two. If I listen carefully, you’re also sharing new facts now too LDB and IRB. IRB teaches me to look up, way up high, and then I can see things that are sitting on top of cabinets, or hanging on the walls. LDB you’re always noticing interesting plants and taking time to smell the roses. Albeit, sometimes we stop close to fifteen times on my walk, but I don’t mind as much as the grown ups say I do. I just like to be a full pack and enjoy the weather together. Life’s more fun when we’re altogether. What do you think about that? I know that IRB is in a stage of life where he likes to be with the whole crew. I understand that fully, and so I shall heretofore be known as, “the herder,” I’m taking on Cassie dog’s traits now. And herd, I shall do, all of you, did you hear that momma? Haha!



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Sleepy gaze.

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