Four Hundred and Sixteen Paws

Dear Kimmy dog,

LDB here reporting for blog work duty. One of my favorite parts of the morning is when I come downstairs and see you waiting for me on the floor, or one of the couch beds. I love to give you a pet or pat and then cuddle up on the couch. In fact, the other morning you cuddled up with me on the couch waiting for mama who was taking care of IRB and his nap deal. I loved that you curled up next to my toesies. Albeit, you were lying on a cozy blanket bed, but you were near me and I appreciated the closeness.

My other favorite recent moment with you was when we were all playing on the family room floor and you licked my cheek. I got pretty silly excited and started romping around and so did you. Then I got really excited and shrieked super loudly and hopped onto the couch. You raced around in a circle and then played, “Chew on my toys,” for a couple of minutes. You’re so good about going and getting a toy to chew on when you feel the silliness rise up inside of you. I love you buddy and bff.



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Little feet and paws.

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