Four Hundred and Fifteen Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello! Here we are once again. Back at it with our letter writing business. Mama realized something the other day, there are more letter mailboxes hidden around some local spots than she had thought! For example, at this local grocery store chain known as the Fred of Meyers, there’s a mailbox! You might be wondering why this is so great, well I’ll tell you. We’re a letter writing and mailing kind of family. 

So, with this being explained, we need to have the mail boxes scoped out for deliveries. These messages of love get sent to other human beans, whoops, I meant to say beings. I think I’ve been watching too much, Winnie The Pooh, LDB. Maybe we could find a new show to watch together? What do you think about that? I know that change can be rather challenging for you. Hmm, just think about it. No need to make any drastic decisions off the paw. I think I hear someone stirring, I must run and assist the mama.



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Squeezes with my momma.

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