Four Hundred and Seventeen Paws

Dear Little Brothers,

The benefits of having teacher parents is that we have some time during summer to romp, explore, and play as a family. They’re still working on taking care of all of us, of course, and they still do their odd jobs of music making, performing, creating, tape sending, and all of that business, but, we’re together. I love summer for the obvious reason of it being warm and the sun hugs me more. But, most of all I love being with you both and soaking up the sunshine. This will be our first summer where we can play together. Last summer you were the cutest snuggly baby IRB. Now you’re growing up and ready to play! Do you want to go in a baby pool IRB? You got a special birthday present from your big cousins K and A. I think we should all soak up some water and sun in this new pool. I think there’s a panda bear on it too, which is perfect for your theme of bear outfits and accessories little one. I know LDB is excited for more water play. Love you both so much.



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Night time moments.

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