Four Hundred and Thirteen Paws

Dear Brothers,

I can smell the most interesting things in the outside air. Whenever I step outside I can feel the warmth underneath my paws and smell all the sweetness in the air. I’m pretty sure the sweetness smell is from the cherry tree too, but either way, it all excites me. I live my best life in the sunshine, as we all know. I love how warm things feel when I walk around and how excited all of the tiny creatures seem to be as things grow and bloom around us. The squirrels have been using the fence highway pretty frequently, and I can’t blame them for it. I do like to chase one every now and then. They’ve been bounding around our grass in the backyard running hither and dither to bury and search out their nuts that are mostly hidden away. Mama is not too pleased when they pull up the bulbs in our flower bed or dig in our garden. I try to help sooth her feelings by pushing into her with my back so she knows that I am her supporter. Occasionally she’ll flop over when I do this. She’s so silly.



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Cute paws with flecks of magic.

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