Four Hundred and Twelve Paws

Dear Brothers,

The day has returned, we spent the entirety of a day in, sunshine! I loved yesterday. We had a warm morning walk as a family and I wagged my tail the whole way. I even wagged my tail when you rode your bike around me and the stroller LDB. I even wagged my tail even more after my bath with daddy. I haven’t had one of those baths in a while. Secretly, it felt really refreshing to have a doggy bath. I mean, don’t get your hopes up that I’ll jump into the bath with you each night, although at times it may be tempting, that’s not my goal little ones. It seemed like you had a splendid day in the sunshine as well LDB and IRB. Those tiny twin baby friends of yours played with you in the yard and I supervised from the window because I get a little rambunctious around tiny humans, as we all well know. I was fine with it because I was cozy on mommy and daddy’s bed, especially after our walk and bath time business. Sometimes I get really tired from the baths, it takes a lot of my energy to make sure I don’t knock daddy over when he’s bathing me. Speaking of which, I think the big humans are awake so I should probably start my doggy stretches.



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