Four Hundred and Eleven Paws

Dear LDB,

Hi there! It’s your best buddy, Kimmy. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed our cuddle time the other day. You brought the blankets and pillows over to me in the family room. I was curled up along the slider and sunshine. You laid the blanket down and pillows and curled up next to me. So I did what comes natural, I laid my head down on your blanketed back and tried to nap.

Although, I don’t think your intention was to actually nap little one. You started moving and giggling and saying, “I woke up!” just moments after you had laid down. We need to work on the duration of these play naps. I can teach you an abundance about this. Now just listen closely, first you lay down and get cozy, second you stay lying down, thirdly close your eyes and sigh deeply, and finally think of something you really and truly love and keep that picture in your mind, then finally: zzzzzz zzzzz zzzzz. See that? I fell asleep describing it to you! Let’s practice now, ready, get set, sleep!



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All curled up with my mama.

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