Four Hundred and Seven Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello fellow home inhabitants. It is, your faithful companion, Kimmy dog. We have had a lot of interesting events taking place over the last two days. Mama and daddy invested in someone working on our front yard space and the entire ground was dug up, transformed, and now is being replanted. Who knew that you could do that much digging work in one day?

I remember dig, dig, digging as a puppy, but I did not do that much digging, come to think of it, now that I am a full-grown dog I don’t dig anything anymore. There are so many other things for me to think about instead for instance: keeping tabs on the yard squirrels, monitoring my number two locations, checking on the growing things in the boxes and the ground, noting where your sand trucks are located for the day, eating spiders that wander around my brothers, and a number of other doggy duties that shall remain unmentioned.

Anyway, back to the task at paw, monitoring this grassy work that’s happening out front, wow, it’s fascinating and hard labor. You’ve been doing this monitoring work with me LDB. I appreciate the extra pair of paws and eyes to keep a look out on what is transpiring. I think I might rest for a bit. I’m tuckered out from the last few hours.



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