Four Hundred and Eight Paws

Dear Brothers,

Guess what? It’s a special day. Do you know what day it is? There’s a song that can go along with it! It’s daddy’s birthday! Isn’t that exciting? We had a visit from the Grammie Kathy to celebrate and we all ate lots of the human foods last night. I loved getting to romp around her, and do several paw greetings. I just love our grandparents so much. I have to lean, push, and hop around them so that they can feel my excitement. I’m getting off paw, oops, I meant to say, off task. Where was I? Hmmm. Oh yes!

So today is daddy’s birthday and we started the celebration off with some downward dog yoga, play time, pancakes, but sigh, not for me… and some more romping. I’m tuckered out, and so are you IRB. Mama helped you get started on your nap while I watched a construction video with you LDB. I thought that the trucks were to remain outside, but we have some inside, and lots of trucks in books too, and now, you have been watching a movie of trucks on the giant screen thing. I did not realize the lengths at which humans would go to demonstrate what moving wheeled objects could do. But, like my puppy mama always said, human wonders never cease. I’ll join you in our dream land now brothers.



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Sweet puppy dog Kimmy.

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