Four Hundred and Six Paws

Dear World,

Let the sunshine in, could be our phrase to describe the last week’s weather. Yesterday however, was reminiscent of our rainy and cloudy days. I got to enjoying myself with my sun spot snoozes and porch rests in filtered tree sunlight. I was reminded of my early puppy days in the sunshine of California and I liked the warmth that was brought in. Our constantly shifting weather reminds me that all things are not indeed permanent and change is always upon us.

So, here we are in the fall filled sneeze days. I enjoy this time because so many things are falling into the garden bed. I check on it daily because the squirrels leave small footed tracks and shelled peanuts for us to uncover and dig up. I point out all of the spots to mama so that she can check on the plants. Even after I do this though, she’ll miss the message at times. I have to be patient with her. She’s easily distracted by you two tiny brothers. Whoop, better head off, I have a big day ahead of me.



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Smoosh faced cuddles.

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