Four Hundred and Five Paws

Dear Little Brothers,

Hi, I’m back, it’s Kimmy. I’m taking a nap on the couch bed right now. I did a lot of work this morning. Mama decided to do the unsoundly and unsightly thing: vacuum. I loathe the vacuum little dudes. So, she helps me out by sending me to the upstairs/landing area and then I am free to roam around in peace upstairs and relax. I generally plop myself down on my comfy landing bed space and watch from above what’s happening in the realm of downstairs land.

Vacuuming is the strangest of all strange encounters that humans do. Why is it that they insist upon sucking up all of my hair, and fantastic dirt that is tracked into the house? I find it all bizarre. It reminds me of when we had my best-est cat friend Bella. She used to do her business in a sand box in the spare bathroom. Why would she do that? Why not just use the thing that flushes or better yet, go out back and take care of all of that? So I of course would go and remind her each time she did her business to take it outside. She didn’t seem to understand why I would check her business out.

All in all, I ended up getting my nose tapped a time or two by her, no claws, just paws, but still, shameful all the same. I guess I should have known by around the fourth time that I should keep my nose in my own business. Woah! I just realized something, that’s what mama says to us, LDB. Oh my goodness, I just made the connection. Ha!



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“Playing sleep time.”

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