Four Hundred and Four Paws

Dear Paw-Brothers,

Kimmy here, reporting for daily duties. Lately, we’ve all been enjoying the out of doors times. The big humans have been mowing the lawn more, pulling up the prickly bush plants, and plucking the weeds. I didn’t know that our garden would grow so quickly! We have a plant called bok-choy, and another one called radishes that are growing really well. Who knew that a little bit of earth and water would produce such interesting smells for all of us?!  

Every morning we greet the plants, water them, and sometimes we sing to them to help them grow. Our crocus, and tulip blooms have all petered out. We also enjoyed the tall purple irises. Mama said they were called dragons beard variety of irises. I have no idea what all of that means. What is a dragon anyhow? Have you ever seen a dragon?

Oh wait! Remember that song, “Puff the Magic Dragon?” You know the one…we often listen it before the nap time for IRB. Well, there’s a dragon in that one, but it’s a green dragon and the irises are purple…there’s no beard on Puff either. I’m so perplexed. Maybe a nap will help me solidify my thoughts. I’ll go do just that, nap on!



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All curled up, literally.

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