Four Hundred and Three Paws

Dear Little Brothers,

This weekend we did a lot of yard and outside work. I supported the team effort whenever there was inside passing and through the front window. LDB you helped daddy take out the seven large prickle bushes by the front walk way. You discovered interesting cocoon’s for moths. You also helped daddy move them to the wetland so that they would be safe and open up in the grass lands by the water. You were over joyed to discover big rocks underneath the bushes and you got to launch those into the water of our wetland too. You and daddy went on an adventure to a grocery store and got a pot of plants with flowers for mama and a googly eyed card. This card stared at me while I slept last night, but I know that the hedgehog on the card is pretend and not real so, I was ok. I gave mama extra love lean in’s and kisses to say I love you to her directly, in my way.



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Small paws.

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