Four Hundred and Two Paws

Dear Pack Humans,

I am writing to you at bedtime. We had quite the eventful evening of play, romping, and rough housing around outside. I was so tuckered out that I quite literally couldn’t move once you were both in bed. My body was so tired that I nuzzled into your blanket on the couch LDB and didn’t move when mama came to take me out and do my food routine. She cuddled with me, gave me some good pet pets and then I begrudgingly slid off of the couch.

Outside we got some evening smells together before the drops of rain returned. I also had quite the encounter with a wild squirrel. I was standing so very still on the rock path in the yard that the squirrel didn’t see me! It was chattering away to itself and raced across the fence highway. I moved a bit when it was four feet away from me and it startled the squirrel. It flung it’s body from the fence into the cherry tree and up the spruce tree. Then it whipped itself around and lectured me from it’s safe vertical height. This squirrel had so much to say that mama was drawn away from writing her book post and looked up into the trees. She and the squirrel met eyes and there was something in that moment that made mama concerned. She called me over to her, but I pointed to the squirrel trying to tell her that we were indeed having a conversation, albeit, I was silent, but the rodent had much to say! Mama called me over again, but this time she sounded pretty serious so I went to her and we hopped inside. I love my solo time with mama. I mostly like to lean into her and give her side cuddle hugs. That’s my favorite thing to do, but if that’s not an option I seek out a spot to guard with and stand by in case I’m needed.



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“Whose playing dress up?”

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