Four Hundred and One Paw

Dear Daddy,

Hi there pal. Did you know that you’re my favorite human to cuddle with? I absolutely love to climb into your lap and give you a hug. I can rest my chin on your shoulder and ease into a full body lean. You provide ample support for my strength and I truly love it. Thanks for the cuddle the other night. I know that you’re carrying a lot of work and pressure throughout the day so I could feel that we both just needed a Kimmy hug!

I like watching you ride on your bicycle. I much prefer seeing you return home on it, than riding away, but that goes without saying. I always want our pack to be complete and being altogether means that for me. It’s strange not having you here every day, every hour, after a year of so much time in our home. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy mama and my baby brothers, but I like things best with daddy too. Thanks for walking me on the leash even when I pull really hard because of my worries or smells. I love you dad!



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“I’m watching my couch bed be made mama!”

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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