Four Hundred Paws

Dear World,

Hello. My name is Kimmy and I’m the pup who runs this here blog. Did you know that my momma Rachel Ann works hard to take care of me and my two human brothers? She and I have been a team since the day that she and daddy adopted me. I’ll never forget how she laid on the couch with me after I survived the parvo and lung cough at the veterinarians. We laid on the couch all night long until it was morning. I basically pushed momma off of the couch with my strong paws and tiny, but long legs. Not too much has changed since then.

Momma grew two tiny humans in her belly and now they hang out in the house with me. We share the carpet, the blankets, and the toys, for the most part. I like these moments when we share, but I also like to have my time alone. A dog needs to contemplate and relax by themselves just like you mere humans. Life’s challenging for all of us and we need to take some time to reflect. Speaking of which, I shall go and relax now!


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Dress up with a hat gone wrong for me, or right for both of us.

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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