Three Hundred Ninety Nine Paws

Dear Brothers,

(Flashback posts for the win….)

Today it was Star Wars day, or something like that. Littlest brother, you wore a star wars outfit for a while, but then you blech-ed out on it and so you changed into your fourth outfit of the day. Wait a minute, that’s actually pretty funny because it was the fourth of May and you wore four outfits. I’m cracking myself up, what can I say? I have picked up on mama’s sense of humor and now here I am writing her ridiculous mom humored sayings. But, I guess that is, “paw for the course,” because we share this blog now don’t we mama? What did you think of the usage of the word paw in that sentence? Pretty ingenious, eh? Life’s what you make of it so, I’m making due and doing my best by putting one paw in front of the other.



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Shadow views while I wait patiently for the babies.

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