Three Hundred and Ninety Eight Paws

Dear Brothers,

Golly it feels like a season’s change now! We had the glorious opportunity of receiving sunshine after sunshine day! We planted all kinds of green things in our other garden box and there’s more standing trees on the side of the house. Although, those smell like they might have something to eat on them soon which is rather exciting, if you ask me, perhaps I’ll be able to nibble little bits off of them? Although we all know what my favorite part of this season is, the sun.

I love getting snuffles of smells in the morning air. I walk out into the lawn, or out on the patio and I just stand and catch scent currents with my nose. You have to stand very still and relax your body, but stay alert to what is happening around you. Our neighborhood squirrels have been busy collecting nuts and hiding them in our yard. Mama found some in the new raspberry bushes we planted, and there was a whole stash in the fence on the side of the sand box. That explains why so many squirrels were romping up and down the fence vertically from the sandbox. Those little stinkers are just in and out and all about constantly running. Sometimes I get close to catching one, but they’re pretty elusive and they move quick enough that I’m a second behind them each day. One day it might happen, I’ll catch up to one. Until then, I’ll keep a close eye on them.



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Sleepy in the sunshine today.

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