Three Hundred and Ninety Seven Paws

Dear Brothers,

Season’s change is upon us, and I can feel it in my paws. On our family walks it has been warm and sunny with a slight breeze that carries with it some delightful smells. Our neighborhood squirrel friends are romping around collecting the last of their nuts and busying themselves with their squirrel munchkins. I do have a thing or two to say about our squirrel friends. Whenever they are gallivanting about our garden, and I happen to be outside too, I race after them. I am more swift than you might think I am. I can provide a mean leap whenever I need to, and my balance is unmatched when cornering around a plant box. It takes skill to challenge the squirrel crew and I am here to rise to the challenge. I am always amused when they slip under the fence or race up a beam of wood more rapidly than they would on their own. That means, my challenge has been accepted, and perhaps this time they’ll stay out of my vegetables. A dog can dream, right?



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Rollin’ with my homie.

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