Three Hundred and Ninety Six Paws

Dear Brothers,

Today was quite an exciting morning. I got to visit with the cousin. Not just a cousin, but the cousin named Kate. I love her. I love her sister too, the Anna. I love their momma too, the Allison, and their daddy too, the Tom. They’re like my second family, lil dudes! Did you know that?

I lived with them when you were coming into the world LDB. Then Gramma and Auntie Allison stayed with us LDB while IRB came into the world. We’re all a great big family, and so, it is imperative that I get to visit too, whenever someone from the big family comes to our little family. We love to spend time and talk with them. Our big cousin lets me sniff her, and lean into her, and give her kisses. I like that. She knows that I’m silly and just want loves, so I feel happiest when they all visit, but I’ll take one human at a time too. Also, she smells like my bff Daisy-doodle dog, and so I can’t help but love to be ever so near to her, even if it means I almost knock her over and slobber all over her pants. I left my doggy mark on her, what can I say, I’m helpful like that.



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Nursing pal, I am.

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