Three Hundred and Ninety Five Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello, greetings, good morning. I am currently sending mama messages while eating my breakfast. You’re both snoozing still. I love to see you sleeping because you’re like two tiny human angels and you’re in matching moon jammies. There is nothing quite like a sleeping baby and cute pajama prints. I love your sweet faces too.

I took a quick whiff smell outside this morning and I have deducted that, it feels as though the rain might be coming back to greet us. I was so hoping that the sunshine would stay put for a while. I think you might have been too LDB. You have been going on two neighborhood bike rides a day, burning off all of that excess energy you have in your toddler body. I love our family walks in the sunny weather as well. There’s nothing quite like parading my pack down the street for all of my doggy neighbor friends to admire. I wag my tail extra hard on those walks because I feel so proud.

I’m planning on an average of fifteen naps today, give or take a couple less if I’m interrupted. I may start early to meet my goal this morning. Sometimes I sneak in one or two naps before you really start, “the romp and crawl,” around the house little ones. I’m currently smacking my jowls in the other room listening to mama type this all out. She does pretty well to keep up with my thoughts. She’s a good scribe, she aspires to be helpful with my blog.



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Wrestling the tiniest human. Spoiler alert: he won.

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