Three Hundred and Ninety Four Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello, testing, 1, 2, 3, are you both asleep? Oh good, ok we can start mama. I’m here with an update on the animals of the house. Something is wrong with Owen fish-fish. Now, I don’t want to alarm anyone, but he’s been sleeping for days in his castle. Then daddy cleaned his tank, he seemed to be swimming around alright for a while and now, he is lying about more on the bottom of the tank. Mama and daddy have been discussing his lack of activity and I have been listening, whilst lying on the couch in my blankets. Perhaps it’s bladder disease or something else. Mama has a history of sad fish tails or is that tales to tell, so this is a sensitive topic for her.

Once upon a time, before Kimmy, there was a giant fish tank and two cute fish, Hermie and Kermie. Well, one of the fishes got itself sucked into the filter, that was traumatizing, according to mama. Then there was Kermie 1 and Kermie 2 who arrived shortly after the fish sucking incident. But, Kermie 2 had a bit of a ferocious side and pecked, nibbled, and ate Kermie 1. Mama took him to be flushed, but alas Kermie 1 didn’t make it. This was all a bit too much for her heart so that was the end of life with fishes for momma and daddy until Owen. You see, Owen was gifted to LDB from our big Cousin Kate. We love her a lot, she went to the college place in the fall and LDB took care of the fish. But, as I have been trying to tell mama, sometimes fishes don’t live forever. She doesn’t want to hear this though. I’m exhausted again after telling that whole story. I think I shall retire again for nap 1 of the day.



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I love you too mama.

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