Three Hundred Eighty Two Paws

Dear Brothers,

Top of the morning to ‘ya! I heard daddy say that once, and I’ve been holding onto that phrase for a while now. You gotta hold your key phrases or one liners close to your heart and toss them out when the spirit moves you. The spirit moved me, speaking of moving… mama and daddy came downstairs to my lair a bit early. I’m sleeping on the couch and have decided that if I do not move, the morning will not come. I’m not ready for the daily rituals and routines so I shall lay here and rest, perhaps I’ll drift off to dreamland and meet both of you again. I love resting and stretching my legs out onto this couch bed. There are certain positions I can curl up or stretch into on the couch and the cushions align, just so, with my needs. Ha! Oh! Did you hear that? That’s a train whistling off in the distance. I wonder if it is windy outside, because the sound is traveling quite far and loudly? I always find it odd when new sounds and smell currents visit us. Alas, I think I must move, mama is watching me and I can feel her gaze upon my head. Quick, let’s run off to dreamland before I have to get up!



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Baby Bro loves me, and I love him so.

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