Three Hundred and Seventy Four Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello there adventurers! You’re both so busy each and every morning. Life is an adventure when you’re a toddler and a baby. IRB tries to keep up with you LDB but I think he gets a little bit overwhelmed just keeping track of you in the house! You move so quickly back and forth through the rooms that his head almost spins just sitting in one place! Who knew that tiny humans could move so quickly?

I know that IRB is working on the moving about business too, so it won’t be long now until he tries to run with you! That’ll be the day brothers, that’ll be the day indeed. I heard you and mama talking about what a long walk you had this morning in the neighborhood. It sounded like IRB took an “on the go nap,” and y’all went to the field, and saw lots and lots of grass, and trees, and trucks, and all sorts of neighborhood-y things. I loved listening to the details of the adventure. I guess if I had been there I would have romped around with you, but then I get to pulling a bit because I want to go follow a nose scent and that can be a bit of a problem with two tiny humans in tow.

So, I understand why we wait until the afternoon time when we take my. “Kimmy dog leads the way walk.” I like those walks a lot. They’re great fun and adventurous as well. I wonder what we might see today? Well, better go join in the nap business!



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