Three Hundred and Seventy Two Paws

Dear Sunshines,

Hi brothers! Did you see how I titled this letter? Do you understand the joke in a way… you’re both my sunshines! I am the earth and you are the suns. I love you both so, so much little humans. Today we took in some sunshine together. It’s been out, peeking behind clouds, and also out way high up in the sky the last few days. It’s been glorious to go outside and breathe in the warmth of it’s rays. Sometimes I pretend it’s summer time too. I lie down in a warm spot and sniff, rest my head on my legs and close my eyes.

The bugs are back out, flying and zipping about us. You had a bunch of feelings about the “shoo flies,” as you refer to them LDB. Occasionally they bother me too, but mostly, I just ignore them. Mama advised you to say, “Shoo fly don’t bother me, they fly by, I walk on by,” but that didn’t seem to ease your concerns. I think you’re becoming so much more aware of all of the things, the feelings, the doings, and the newness of the world. It’s as if you know so many things, but now the world can seem so much wider because you’re aware more, in a way. Does that even make sense little bro? Hmmm. I’ll wait and see what you reply. Perhaps you’ll write me a letter tomorrow.



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Yes mama?

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