Three Hundred and Seventy Two Paws

Dear Brothers,

Yesterday was quite the morning time. Yes, that’s what I said, yesterday was quite a morning.  Meaning, it was the morning-ist day of them all. I. Had. A. Bath. It wiped me out completely until supper time and a walk. I mean, I can always be roused for a bit of sustenance and walking time as a family. Mama and daddy think that I won’t leave the house without the entire family and, they could be quite right, but I also could be swayed to keep walking once we’re out on the road. I just have this little twinge in my heart when we are not altogether.

Life as a pack is complete when we are together. And so, together we must be! Especially in this little season of life, nap life, doggy life, home life we me, Kimmy. I love it. I really do. And you know what? My little tiny fish friend Owen, my tiniest of tiny brothers, he had a bath and fish tank clean out today too, so, I don’t feel so bad about my bath anymore.



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Resting morning paws.

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