Three Hundred and Seventy One Paws

Dear Boys,

Hello, from the floor. I KNOW, I know, I said, floor.  Who am I? I mean really? I’m laying on the floor now… I guess I really am the dog of the house. I do have a little bit of a confession about it… there is a pillow aka blanket fort on the floor next to your round play table IRB. I’m really enjoying this bed LDB, thanks for leaving it for me. Mama thought she was foiling my plan to relax on her bed, but nooo, I found an even better one! Haha! Kimmy strikes again. I’m so smart and capable. At this point, you could probably leave me in charge and I could handle it all. Well, maybe not, on second thought, you two brothers do get into a lot of shenanigans. So, perhaps that’s not what I’m thinking. Anyway, in the long run, I’m enjoying the peace and quiet of this solitude nap and all that it brings into my doggy life.



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Crossed paws, waiting for bed time to roll out.

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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