Three Hundred and Seventy Paws

Dear Little Brothers,

Greetings, from the couch. Did you know that whenever you nap, I nap too? That’s why it’s so important that you both get your nap time in. You used to nap for two and a half hours lil LDB dude. Now it’s more like an hour and a half, which I know is fine, things change, you’re taller for instance, but still, I need more quiet nap time. Now IRB you take a few naps on some days and on other days you’ll take a couple of naps, that’s all well and good tiny human.

However, I’d like to propose something, what if I helped you with your naps? I could snooze under your bed, or on the human bed in your room, or on the floor…. or on a blanket on the human bed, in your room… what do you think of that? Momma, are you listening to this? I tried this a few times with LDB and it worked just fine. Momma and daddy had to search high and low to find me, but I was snoozing peacefully in the corner of the room helping LDB off to dream land. Mama came in and guided me out of his room. Bella did this a few times too, come to think of it. I didn’t know that the four legged creatures wouldn’t be welcomed into the dream space of the tiny humans after story time. I’d like to work this in, in some way, shape or form. I have a lot to offer sleep time. Like, for instance, I can snore really loudly, that’s super soothing, isn’t it? I can also sniff, ear flap, run in my sleep, and moan, all of which are great forms of communicating while sleeping. So, as you can see, I have a lot to offer dream time. What do you say brothers?



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Mid-week slurps are the best.

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