Three Hundred and Sixty Seven Paws

Dear Brothers,

It is I, Kimmy, your doggy friend. There seems to be a rumbling as of  late about trying to opt out of naps or bed time. We’re just not going to have that little ones, now are we? I need my sleep. I must get my fifteen naps, minimum, to feel my perky dog best. Right now I’m kind of in hibernation mode. I adapt to my earthly surroundings and try to best fit the weather. The sky is telling me it’s dreary with teary raindrops and that sleep is best, for all of us right now. So, did you hear that wee ones?

Sleep, is, best. Ha. (I tried mama….)  Sometimes mama and I team up to take care of you both. Who am I kidding?! We always team up to take care of you guys with daddy too. Life wouldn’t be the same without a team effort made by all who live in our home. There are times when we’re tired and or struggling, but we lean on one another. Or, rather, I lean, literally upon momma and daddy to make sure that they remember I’m there to help out too. I love you little guys!

Sleepless on the couch,

Kimmy dog

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Doggy back massage by baby.

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