Three Hundred and Sixty Eight Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello! Today is one of those glum, ho-hum, didiley dum days again. In fact, it is so glum that it has rain, rain, rained. I’m not sure where the sunshine went to! In fact, yesterday you predicted that it would be, and I quote, “Yucky weather,” today LDB. I guess you were spot on with your prediction. Perhaps you could be a weather person in the future? What do you think of that? You could stand up in a tower, or drive around in a van and chase extreme weather, or make forecast predictions based on your computer data, or something or other like that.

Golly gee, there was the loudest sound that happened just now dudes! I was sleeping soundly on mommy and daddy’s bed, as I do quite frequently and a car revved it’s engine so loudly that I jumped a bit and mama was startled too. This letter is a little bit all over the place, but, “that’s ok,” as our parents like to say.

I was looking out the window after that loud sound and I noticed that the rain is hopping back upwards once it hits the fence. That’s how you know it’s a super rainy day. Maybe we’ll enjoy some cuddles later this afternoon or a walk if the rain clears up… hehe, wishful Kimmy thinking over here!



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Can you see me, I’m hidden in with the irises…

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