Three Hundred and Sixty Six Paws

Dear Little Ones,

Happy almost weekend time to you both! It feels like it’s been a long doggy week. We’ve had five full days of play, running around, crying, singing, flopping, cuddling, teaching, and reading. I’m plumb tucker worn out little guys! In fact, I am so tired that I just laid down on, gulp, my own bed! That’s how tired I am! You would have thought that I would take advantage of an empty cozy momma and daddy bed, but nope! Not the case! I decided to stick with my bed of linens on the cozy cushion old foam pad of a bed.

My bed is what mama likes to call, “Reduce, reuse, and recycle it up!” She and daddy do that a lot in our house and back yard. We reuse what we have to make it new for us! You do that too LDB, and I guess you do as well tiniest of all, IRB. Do you want to know why? Well I shall tell you! We all share toys, and or clothes, toys, and objects are passed from one use or person to another. It’s a pretty cool cycle if you think about it! And then, you might be wondering, what happens to it when we’re all finished with the cycle? Well, we clean it, donate it, or recycle it! Yay! I think, maybe I was feigning excitement there for a moment. Could you tell? Well, off to dreamy land!

xo, Kimmy-Kim your faithful friend

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“Can you see me now?”

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