Three Hundred and Forty Six Paws

Dear Brothers,

Happy weekend vibes to you both. Currently my situation includes the following: lounging on the couch cuddled up with a teddy bear watching mama intermittently while daddy shuffles around getting wires and such to fix something called a computer. I’m not sure what it’s all about, but it smells of cardboard, metal boxes and tiny things called bolts. Sometimes we find these items on the floor in our office room, but then we return them to where they’re supposed to be located. It’s always quite exciting whenever daddy finishes one of these ‘puters, as you call them LDB. We can see the bright lights, hear the fans running, and watch as he types on the rainbow keyboard to make things go.

You said that one day you want to build a ‘puter with him, do you think I could help you? I’m quite good at pulling on things, especially if it’s like tug of war, I’m great at that game. Although, come to think of it, I don’t play that game very often anymore. I used to play it a bit when I was a pup. Both of you weren’t in existence yet, but every once in a while you try to play tug of war with me, or at least I think you do. I will often times hold my doggy toy in my mouth and wait for you to engage in play with me, so then you grab the other end of the toy and I take off running. You’ve learned to drop the toy now if I do that, but for a while there, we’d play tug of, “PULLING THE KIDDO,” across the carpet. Well, looks like I’m drifting off to sleep right now. I think I’m going to really sink into my nap. I love you both so much. Let’s play outside in the sunshine later-s!



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Baby and pup paws.

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