Three Hundred and Forty Seven Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hi there! Kimmy here. I’m doing my best to fulfill my doggy jobs but sometimes it’s a little bit hard to do. I haven’t had a doggy focused walk in quite a few days and it’s getting to my mood. Sometimes I just need to let loose so, I do that in our backyard, but my dog sensibilities need more than our fences can allow. I need to have a focused purposeful sniff filled walk to lead the way!

Mommy and daddy said that we would walk this afternoon together so I look forward to that event taking place. We had some romp time this morning in the wet drizzling air. The tiny one was sleeping and we ventured out for a bit of fresh air. It was fresh for a while, but honestly, I prefer dry paws so I asked mama if I could head back inside and enjoy some quiet carpet time. That I did! Once in a while things are calm and subdued, like take right now for instance. Currently all is calm, and all is well, not bright, like that song goes, but I don’t mind that one bit. I like the gray sky, quiet family room, and snoozing time for all. I love you silly babes. Have good dream-ies and meet me by our slide in our dreams!



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“Mom, I think there’s a tiny human behind me…”

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