Three Hundred and Forty Five Paws

Dear LDB and IRB,

“Ah!! Sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found you,” that is a silly song boys. Why was mama singing it yesterday during music time? Hmmm. I mainly hung out in the family room on my cozy blankets because, let’s be honest here: your piano skills are developing LDB, but, they are definitely loud.

So, with all of that being said, I have learned something crucial in a musical family. My ears need to rest. I rest them, in the farthest away location that they can get to and still be close to protect you both. I loved listening to you all sing together. IRB you have a big voice just like your big brother. I’m impressed with your vocalization abilities. I think your brother is too. What big brother doesn’t realize is this: he used to be just as verbose with his baby thoughts as you can be. It makes for interesting days, that’s for sure. We’re not short on feelings here in our home. I love you both for it.



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Focused on point dream ears.

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