Three Hundred and Forty Four Paws

Dear Brothers,

Happy Weekend vibes to you both! It’s a beautifully sunshine morning outside. Mama is watching two squirrels chasing one another. They are quite silly, it must be all of the sunshine. All of the birds and tiny critters are going crazy with their romping. The shine makes us all feel elated over the possibility of spring, I guess. I love spring because that means that my California sunshine begins to seep into our sky and warm the ground.

There’s nothing that I quite like more than sunshine beams and my boys. Y’all were busy this morning! You rose a little bit early LDB and we watched some, “Winnie the Pooh,” together and snuggled. Then it was the breakfast time, the play time, the work out time, the snack time, and then nap time for the tiniest brother, and then more snack, book time, outside play time, banana time and now snoozing time. Boy, I think we were all tuckered out! You fell asleep quickly LDB and without a single gripe about a rest. All of that sunshine and running around will do that to you. Speaking of which, I’m getting super cozy again on mommy and daddy’s bed. I gotta get my king size bed time in while I can. Sometimes I like to starfish out on it because, I can! But, truth be told, I mainly enjoy a quiet curled up snooze. I pretend that I am a seashell and I snore myself to beach dream land.



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Yes mama?! I’m busy guarding.

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