Three Hundred and Forty Three Paws

Dear Little Brothers,

Yawn! Hi there babies. Well, baby and toddler child, that is. How are you both feeling today? Currently I am curled up into a ball on my couch bed blanket downstairs with mama. We are having a little bit of quiet time right now. We love to indulge in the quiet while both of you rest from the morning shenanigans. Sometimes I sleep upstairs to be closer for our dream chain recovery, while other times I like to sleep downstairs and rest right away because I am tired.

I think you both had quite the morning walk and play session out front. Again, I supervised from the windows and supported your play times. I missed you both, but we had some snack time and play sessions together before your naps. I understand that you need your human time outside, and we’ll have more time together on my walk this afternoon! Daddy told me that I was a really kind dog this morning and I got some extra loves in. That made me feel extra special. You gave me some sweet pets IRB and LDB I loved the snuggles. The winter time brings out more cuddles than expected, that’s always a lovely surprise. Oops, I think you’re stirring tiniest brother. Gotta’ go get some more winks in before I’m needed.



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Waiting for that baby food….still waiting!

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