Three Hundred and Forty Two Paws

Dear Tiny Tots,

Greetings from your ‘ole pal Kimmy dog. I was monitoring your outside walk without me this morning until you walked too far away and I couldn’t see you three anymore. I felt a little bit sad in my heart when you disappeared behind the curve of trees, but I knew that mama was with both of you. She takes pretty good care of you. However, I am a great mediator when shenanigans are starting and the humans feel challenged in balancing it all.

Dogs are good at knowing just when to give hugs and kisses, which is what a human needs most. Love. It does solve everything. Just like all the songs tell us, it’s all about love. Even when someone has big feelings and is crying or fussing, or what have you… love always helps. So later on in the morning when you were all out front splashing around in the stream of water on our street, my heart lifted and I waited patiently until you returned to me. Now we’re all safely nestled into our beds taking a bit of a snooze. I’m waiting for you to join me in dream land, I am at the big red slide, let’s have some fun together! Let’s go brothers!



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Garage pals.

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