Three Hundred and Forty One Paws

Dear Kimmy,

Hi there! It’s LDB, aka the rain frog man! Do you love the puddles that I made this morning in the yard? I think you were pretty excited about it at first, but then you rushed inside when momma opened the door! How come you did that, huh? I thought we were having some water fun, but then alas, you departed. You do that a lot, especially if the weather is very cold or very hot. You don’t seem to be a fan of the extreme weather systems that happen in life. I don’t mind too much, until my body tells me so. One time it was so hot outside and I got so warm that I started to feel funny, momma and daddy took me inside and we drank water and read some stories and then I felt better. That happened to you when your paws got too warm. I understand when you don’t feel so good. I give you pat-pats and kisses to tell you that I love you no matter what you’re feeling and that I’m here for you. Momma taught me that even if you get sick, that we’re supposed to be kind and act with love because that’s what we all need, especially if we don’t feel well. So, I try and practice that. Here I’ll show you now: KIMMY I LOVE YOU, THANKS FOR BEING MY BEST FRIEND DOGGY-O. I LOVE IT WHEN YOU LICK MY EARS AND STEP ON MY TOES EVEN WHEN I SAY I’M UP-SEP (T). 



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Reading Picnic, I brought my toy along.

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