Three Hundred and Thirty Nine Paws

Dear Kimmy,

Happy New Year! It is I, LDB writing on behalf of little brother and myself. We wanted to let you know how important you are to us. We appreciate your faithful companionship and snooze cuddles. For instance, this morning we were cuddled up onto the couch together. I liked that a lot. I also laid on top of you and gave you a squeeze morning cuddle hug. Then I started crawling on you and mama asked me to give you some space.

So, oops, I didn’t mean to smoosh you, but I just get so excited about hanging out with you sometimes and so I felt the need to share it. You do that sometimes too! We had a fun time racing around last night with your new toy from Grammie and Grandpa for the holidays. Then as you always do, you accompanied us into our rooms for bedtime stories. IRB told me to tell you how much he likes it when you stay with him in his bedroom. He likes to give you good night pets and cuddles before his milky time. You listen super well to my stories with daddy and then I give you pet-pets good night too. I love you so much big sister. Thank you Kimmy-Kim.



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Baby cuddle friend time.

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