Three Hundred and Thirty Eight Paws

Dear Small Human Brothers,

Happy almost new year to you! It’s the eve of the next month, the new leaf, the new year. Do you smell the difference in the air? I can. The other night there was a new moon, or oops I meant to say a full moon. It reminded me of when you read, “Kittens Full Moon,” by Kevin Henkes. Do you remember that book? We read it A LOT for a while there. You would point to the moon on each page and discuss the happenings of the silly kitten’s choices. For example, who in heavens name would climb up a tree, to a branch or limb and hang off and willingly dive into a pool of water? That’s just plain silliness, if you ask me.

Although, come to think of it… I wonder if that cat just didn’t realize that the reflection of the moon was in the water, and so that was why it made the mistake of jumping into the water and not an actual puddle or pool of milk. OH KITTY CAT! Hahaha.

Wait…what were we talking about? Oh yes! The new year! What’s something that you are looking forward to with the coming year? Are you excited about growing and exploring? I’m excited about the promise of spring. I love when the plants start to push their way through the ground and up towards the sunny sunshine! That’s one of my favorite times of the year. I snuffle the flowers and watch you have fun in the sunshine. I love you brothers. 



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Back massage time for Kimmy dog.

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