Three Hundred and Thirty Seven Paws

Dear smallest brother,

Hi baby! I tried to come in and help with your nap time but alas, you fell asleep on mama’s shoulder and she asked me to hang out in the hallway. So I am your faithful sentry guardian at the top of the stairs. I shall wait until you return from dream land, and then we shall play! Admittedly I snuck into your room super quietly and I was making a b-line for the hiding spot by the bed where Bella cat’s spirit waits for me. I didn’t quite make it all the way in before mama saw me and jumped a little bit because it was quiet until my paws hit the squeaky spot on the floor.

Did you know that there is a squeaky spot there? I bet you did. You know a lot of information now. You’re going to be seven months old before we know it! Daddy and big brother are out on an adventure with the Uncle T and they’re exploring pathways and muddy puddles. LDB was so excited to head out in his frog suit and boots. Who knew that putting on more fur was such a thrilling act?! I don’t like it when you all put fur onto my already existing fur, but that hardly ever happens, if I’m being honest.

A memory has just come to me…one time when it snowed and snowed, and snowed here mama put these booty paws on my toes every time we went outside. She said it was because of the ice and that she didn’t want my paws to get cut or hurt by the tiny icicles in the ground. I remember that winter well. Golly it’s been a while since that time, but still, I remember it like it was yesterday. Puppyhood was grand, but I think I like this life with you and your big brother best. 



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