Three Hundred and Thirty Six Paws

Dear Brother LDB,

Hi there! How about that letter heading, huh? It sounded rather official didn’t it? I thought it did. Mama and I are cozy on the big purple bed writing to you. You’re snoozing in your space and so is tiny one. I’d like to speak about something that transpired yesterday. I had, <cough, cough>, a bath! I realize that I may have actually needed the bath, but I was not particularly pleased about the scenario. I knew something was up when daddy summoned me upstairs and I was gladly hanging out with both of you and momma. Daddy then proceeded to turn the bath tub water on, and start laying down all these towels.

I split the second I smelled my shampoo soapy bottle come out of the cabinet. I just knew that I wasn’t going to willingly go forth to bath land. So, I saw that the gate was open and I RAN downstairs part way, and then, alas the downstairs gate was closed and I couldn’t get out to escape. Sigh. Daddy came and got me and once I was actually in the bath tub, it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. Afterwards, I did race downstairs and romp around until I felt certain that I smelled like myself once again. So, I guess the moral of the story is this: sometimes humans can be tricky. Even yourself and brother can be tricky every now and then. I love you still, but tricky you be, none the less.



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Opening the presents sniffs.

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