Three Hundred and Thirty Five Paws

Dear Kimmy,

HI DOGGY! AHHHHHH! It’s me, IRB! I’m so excited to see you that I screamed! Did you know that’s why I screamed? Did you? Huh? Wait, what did you say? I don’t know how to speak doggy yet, or the language that mama and dada speak. I do speak some brother though. He tells me things a lot that start like this, “No baby I, you like your hands baby I, what you doing BABY I?”

He also told me that you’re his best friend. What does that mean Kimmy doggy? I know that you love me because I get lots of sniffs and licks from you each day, but I’m not so sure what the word friend means yet. Are you my friend Kimmy doggy?

Mama said that you’re our sister and that we are working on being kind with our touches when I pet you. I know that I get SUPER excited whenever I see you. I talk to you all the time and sometimes you talk back to me. Oh yeah! That brings me back to the point I was making earlier. Ha, I almost forgot! Ok, what was it again? Oh yes, what were you saying to me when you kept sighing? What does that mean? I want to know so that I can understand you better doggy. Alright, well, I love you to the moon and back Kimmy doggy. That’s something that mama says to brother and I. 



© 2019-2021 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Baby dimpled hands and dog cuddles.

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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