Three Hundred and Thirty Four Paws

Dearest tiny brother,

Hello. It is I, your four legged pal Kimmy. You have now become fully aware of my sister presence and I am thrilled at your realization. You however, need much training little human. There is something called: being gentle, that you are going to learn. When you reach out to pet me, you must use gentle paws, oops I mean hands.  You grabbed a tuft of my hair the other day and gained more than you had bargained for. I’m sure there is a small patch of my fur missing now, but it will grow back. I can recall when your brother was your age. He wore me out from all of the grabbing and Kimmy pet-pet’s and shrieking my name. But, to be honest, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

You’re both the best and most challenging parts of my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way, (yes I realize I said that twice).  Life changes so rapidly with tiny humans. One minute you’re a small adorable pink bundle and then the next minute you’re grabbing, kicking, and moving around. How does that even happen? Mama told me that I grew up super fast too. I remember being a puppy and gnawing on most anything I could get my mouth on. You’re getting into that stage IRB. You are quite fond of your fist, mama’s fingers, and all of your toys that fit inside of your mouth.  Just please, do me a favor, remember that I am not a chew toy, or any kind of toy for that matter. I have feelings and my hair is not for pulling. Oh and one more thing, I love to lick your head when you’re playing in your balance table. I’m the one that licked you as I walked by, but I blamed it on your brother because he was running circles around you in the midst of evening chaos and he missed me by an inch, so slurps on me. 



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Look out for the rainbows, and they’ll surely be there.

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