Three Hundred and Thirty One Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hi there. It’s me, Kimmy, back again. Did you guys know that walks are my favorite? That and pillows of course, pillows and walks. Those are the things you were talking about with mama LDB, what were those things called… oh yes: opposites! Haha, am I right or what?! I love to share things I remember in my letters for you two. We’re all snoozing right now actually because it’s the nap of times. I mean the nap time. Who am I? “The nap of times,” hahaha.

That was mama saying that, how rude, interjecting during my letter writing time. I know she’s my scribe but really now! One must not assume that I have nothing to say…. mama. Alright, enough of those feelings. I’m super cozy right now. I am actually snoozing on the couch on top of your pillow LDB! What do you think about that? It’s going to smell all Kimmy-doggy-like and be warm when you come back from your nap. Haha, I love it. That’s my way of sharing a little piece of myself with you. Speaking of sharing, how about our walk yesterday afternoon? That was pretty fun wasn’t it? You were excited for me LDB, and IRB, you had some big feelings to share about a nap while on a walk. Although, you seemed to settle into the walk nap and relax after three blocks. You napped and we walked, I loved it. Walk naps, baby naps, I walk, you name it, we’re together: I’m all for it. Or would that be four it because I have four legs and four paws…. hmmm? I’ll consult with my editor and get back to you shortly. 



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Sweet baby hand on his Kimmy pal.

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